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Zillow Can't Copy This

Zillow exists because we allow them to. You know by reading this blog that I'm no fan of Zillow, and if you're a Realtor reading this who uses Zillow for leads, wake up.

Zillow, HomeLight, OfferPad, and the like, are trying to "disrupt" the real estate business. I saw TV commercials for them all weekend long.

Two things are standing in their way: 1) inferior agents need their platforms for lead generation, and 2) the new "disruptor" in real estate is something they can't copy: local video.

Just say no to Zillow, and get to work

Zillow can scrape your listings from the MLS all day long, but they can't post hyperlocal content like a neighborhood video or a tour of a model home.

There's plenty of evidence showing that consumers are turning to video for real estate searches instead of real estate websites for information. To me it only makes sense. People want to see the area they are interested in moving to.

You as a real estate agent should get started right away with video and your YouTube Channel. All you need is your smart phone, and a video of where you are going to eat tonight, or a video of where you took a client.

Get to work.

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