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Your Most Powerful Tool

All of us in the real estate business suffer from this to one degree or another: getting inspiration and using our imagination to increase results.

I get it. There's so many other agents to compete with, not to mention all the slick speakers and so-called gurus touting their great results so they can sell you something.

Let me make this simple for you: Use your most powerful tool at your disposal, which is your brain. Identify what your ideal client needs from you. Do they have questions about the buying process? Are they concerned with environmental issues (flooding, earthquakes, tornadoes, etc.)? Are they searching for condo or HOA fees in an easy to find place? What about pet friendly condos?

Your most powerful marketing tool sits on your shoulders.

The list goes on and on.

Start with taking one issue and be the solution. In my market in Florida, red tide is a newsmaker. Show them the beaches with people on them and the clear water. I posted a short video from my cell phone and reached 727 people on a Facebook page I manage (manasotakeyfriends), without spending a dime.

Inspired? Get to work!

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