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Your Market is Filled with Lazy Agents | Real Estate Consulting |

The alternate title of this post could also be: Everything you need to fix your real estate business involves getting off the couch.

I will tell you from first hand experience, as I always do, that you gain nothing by wringing your hands and worrying, sitting in your office doing "bore" time, and hoping for your financial savior to walk through that door.

You have to get off your butt and get out into the market area you're selling.

You need to indentify what areas of your market are being underserved by your competition. Do you like to eat out a lot? Do any of your out of town clients ask for recommendations? Why not start a website/blog about that?

New construction homes is a great niche, because your competition is too lazy calling me. I got off the couch and started to chronicle the build out of hew homes, added drone photography, HOA fees, news about amenities and new features, etc.

Provide value as a real estate buyers agent for new construction homes

As I found out this week, your competition is calling some of my area's local builders asking if I'm in the office, because it looks like I work for them based on my marketing and results from organic search. Rather than just driving buyers around to these new home communities, I'm their go-to source for comparing and evaluating.

Listing agent? Take heed. None of the new home builders is asking me to LOWER my commission when I bring them a buyer......

This week I also had a competitor call me to ask which new home communities were priced lower than her overpriced 15 year old listing. Lesson: Get off the couch, and find out what you should be telling your seller about how new construction is affecting the resale market (and why their home isn't selling).

Go back and read or listen to a video or podcast on about content marketing. This is why you need to get off the couch.

Get to work.

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