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You're Going to Lose That Buyer

Yesterday in our sales meeting, our Broker told us about an agent who was working with buyers, who lost out on a commission, because she did not accompany them to a new home community when they first visited.

"Oh, no, how awful those builders are", complained the agents in attendance, as a few looked at me for my reaction. In case you've missed it, new construction is one of my niche markets.

You're going to lose a buyer almost every time to a builder, or to an agent holding an open house, if you don't provide value to your services. Then you're going to get upset, and say it's not fair, and start making excuses.

On the other hand, I recently worked with new home buyers who realized the value of having their own Realtor, through learning about the new home buying process on my website and social media posts.

In fact, my clients took a handful of my business cards, spent a day looking in another master planned community on their own, and registered me as their agent in the sales office, without me being there.

Does this happen all the time? No. Do I have a much healthier business because I provide value to new home buyers? Absolutely.

It's not easy. It takes time. It takes work. A huge amount of my time goes into reaching and educating new home buyers about the process and why they need their own agent. 90% of your competitors will throw up their hands and blame the builder.

What will you do to build your value over time? Get over to the video section of this website, find what you need for inspiration, and get to work.

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