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Will You Be Replaced by Tech?

An article in the Wall Street Journal tells us that human appraisers could go away if new regulations about automatic valuation models (AVM) get put in place.

I wouldn't want to be in the appraisal business right now. Being Realtors, we're always hearing about some new website or company that is trying to enter the real estate business to replace us and our commissions.

Zillow and Redfin are already hard at work doing that. What are you going to do to showcase your knowledge, experience, and success, when you have companies employing thousands trying to change the business?

lf you're not anxious about your future career and income, you better be. If Zillow and Redfin aren't lighting a fire under you to make some changes, well, I hope you have a good stock portfolio, or an income-generating spouse/partner.

Get over to my videos and podcasts, find what you need to start branding and marketing yourself, and get to work.

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