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Why did your listing expire?

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

Other than pricing or condition, part of the reason homes become expired listings is that agents don't know how the public is consuming media, so you bow to the home owner's wishes to see an ad for their home in the newspaper.

Push back against your customer's media bias

According to the 2017 NAR Study of Home Buyers and Home Sellers, only 1% of buyers used the newspaper to find their home, and only 3% visited an Open House. And your customer wants you to hold Open Houses, right?

Businesses are overallocationg money to advertise in print media

How many times have you been in this conversation: "I'm doing all I can. I've run ads in the papers and I've been holding open houses every week". Hello? The data could not be more obvious. You're missing 97 to 99% of potential buyers with your grandfather's marketing plan.

Doing what's right for the client (getting their home sold) doesn't mean letting them take control of your marketing plan.

Get to work.

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