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Hopefully you'll get to the point where your sales increase and your production numbers get the attention of other brokers.

I was recently contacted, and met with, an independent brokerage. I went to the appointment partly out of curiosity, and partly because there are some things about my current brokerage I'm not happy with.

No matter whether it's a "big box" brokerage, like Re/Max, or an independent broker, these companies make money from their body count. The more agents they can get to funnel business to their affiliated companies, such as title and mortgage, the more money that brokerage makes. It's like new home builders. They don't really make most of their money building a home. Most brokerages are built on this type of business model.

Beware real estate brokerages with a large number of older agents
Beware real estate brokerages with a large number of older agents

If the recruiter calls you, my advice is to first make sure the broker is "non competing", ie, they aren't also buying and selling, or trying to make a name for themselves by appearing on a Bravo reality show (it happened in my market). Also, look at their website to see who else is working there. If there's a preponderance of older agents, you'll feel weighed down by the broker's desire to keep them happy by doing the old school things they are used to: outdated forms of marketing, low tech back office services, and time wasting sales meetings. Real estate is not a coffee klatch or happy hour.

Get to work.

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