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What's Your Primary Job?

Here's something to ponder. What's your primary job as a Realtor? Are you a listing agent? Buyer's agent?

I don't think so. Today, we have to be expert marketers.

You have to do more than just "take a listing" and reduce your commission to get it.
Today, you have to do more than just take a listing and reduce your commission to get it.

With everything that is going on with social media, video, apps, and websites, you have to have a marketing plan. It's 100% necessary that you understand the demographics of the best potential buyers for your individual listing, and even your real estate market.

Let's face facts. Every major real estate broker has the same stale marketing playbook. Every agent will tell their customers their home will go on over 900 websites globally, with a few magazine and newspaper ads thrown in to satisfy the old folks.

What are you going to do, in a listing presentation, when a luxury home owner asks what you will do differently from your competitors? Can you talk about online marketing and social media exposure with any authority?

When a potential home buyer is searching neighborhoods and condos, is the only way they can find you is through a gallery of head shots on your broker site? That's not going to go very far in setting you apart, either.

I know. Nobody on HGTV told you it was going to be this hard to attract clients to your real estate business. But guess what? Chip and Joanna Gaines have a brand.

Get started on your brand on Get to work!

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