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What kind of content is effective?

Continuing with the theme of what content to provide to your potential buyers, the topic of community web pages seems to be everwhere in real estate blogs and marketing tips.

To me, the question is simple:  Are you a Realtor, or are you The Chamber of Commerce or a lifestyle coach?

Think with Google about real estate content
Think with Google about real estate content

Think With Google is a free daily email and newsletter that I rely on to stay up to date about consumer behavior online. Google tells us customers searching for real estate want real estate, and they want it immediately.  As a new agent getting started on your website, or an experienced agent re-tuning your efforts, this is your primary mission.  

Will any community page you create outrank the Yelp posts and rankings, your local Chamber of Commerce or newspaper, or other related content, in a Google search?  No.

Stick to and master the basics of the services and content your prospective customers are looking for.

Once you have the basics mastered, you can move on to create Facebook "interest pages" and Instagram, instead of being the local community news reporter.

For help on your online marketing content, please contact me.

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