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The reason you'll see so much about real estate teams is because the bigger brokers have a financial interest in the concept.

No matter which real estate broker you hang your license with, they depend on you for additional revenue streams.

Mortgage, title services, home inspections, home warranties, and out of office referrals, all go to the broker's bottom line profitability. This isn't necessarily a good thing for your real estate business.

Today's real estate team structure
Today's real estate team structure

In my experience with a big box franchise, you're better off using your own contacts and referring them to your clients. You'll get team partners who are appreciative of your business and will work hard to make your clients happy.

Teams can also mean having buyer's agents and several assistants under a top selling agent. Hiring and accounting for all that goes along with that is a time waster. Most of us did not get in the business to replicate a corporate office environment or structure.

Start building your TRUE real estate team, and get to work.

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