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Time Wasters for Real Estate Agents | David Barr Realtor |

As you build your online presence and become more visible, you're bound to get a lot of time wasters contacting you.

My favorite time waster is "I'm calling for a friend/relative/co-worker".

Usually, the caller wants information for themselves. They're unsure of what they're asking about, or embarrassed they may not be able to qualify to purchase a home.

Another time waster is phone callers before and after business hours. You are running a small business, after all. You have to set aside time for yourself. The best potential clients should understand this, and have the common courtesy to call you at reasonable hours.

Should you answer calls from current clients outside business hours? Absolutely.

Don't forget, and make this a daily practice. Ask if the person you're speaking with is a Realtor, or if they are working with a Realtor. Don't underestimate how many Realtors outside your market area will contact you for free information once they can find you online.

Got a problem you're not sure how to handle? Let me know.

Get to work.

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