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They Are Just Not That Into You | Real Estate Marketing |

Or, are they?

I am building from my real life experiences.

Real life experience shows me that potential customers want to stay anonymous, and are especially cautious about providing any information about themselves online.

They will, however, find you on multiple online platforms to see what you know. This assumes that you ARE on multiple platforms. If you aren't, you're losing business.

real estate sales funnel
The old fashioned real estate sales funnel no longer exists.

Just when I think my social media isn't working that great, I get a client who tells me they've been following me for months on Facebook or Instagram, or on one of my three blogs, or they've bookmarked a neighborhood page on one of my websites. They decided to choose me as their agent because I provided the information they were looking for.

I tell this to agents all the time: Don't expect to fill a traditional sales funnel with social media, and don't expect immediate gratification.

Get to work.

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