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The Sales Funnel is Dead

I subscribe to "Think with Google", a very informative newsletter about what they are seeing in search trends and purchase behavior.

Google says the traditional sales funnel we all used to know and love as sales professionals no longer exists. Why?

Today's consumers don't travel on a linear progression to the culmination of a sale. They are researching information on websites, reading blogs, watching how-to videos, and following hashtags on social media. They may find information on a product they're looking for, but not be satisfied once they find it, and continue on their journey.

I always say to new clients: "I know I'm not the first Realtor you saw or spoke with, but I'm glad I'm the last".

I know you think you're wonderful, and I'm sure you're a lovely person. But an unrepresented buyer showing up at your Open House is no guarantee any longer that they'll miraculously select you to help them, when they are doing so much online research.

This transformation of how consumers make purchase decisions fits perfectly with the type of marketing and branding you need to undertake today as a Realtor. If consumers can't find a blog, your social media posts, or your own website, you are invisible.

Convinced you need to make a change? Get to work.

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