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The Latest Insult to Your Intelligence

I see a fair amount of ads on my Facebook business page ( from agents selling the one trick you need to dramatically increase your leads from social media.

Today's is a $7.00 offer for a checklist (yes, just a ad checklist) to generate buyer and seller leads. BS.

The ad says "here's the exact ad copy", but you're only getting the checklist. This agent claims to have unlocked the mystery to targeting potential customers on Facebook.

Targeting customers on Facebook does not require a PhD. Every market is local, and every real estate market has different demographic ages, income levels, and feeder markets.

Waste your $7.00 on a list, or better yet, define your best potential customers in your individual market. You can easily show ads on Facebook to potential customers on a country, state, county, or city level, and define age groups easily.

Get to work.

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