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Survival of the Fittest

This post is for those of you whose sole income comes from your real estate business. If you are retired, semi retired, or "do real estate" to supplement your income, stop reading now because I'm going to offend you.

I don't know about you, but I'm very resentful of "Realtors" of a certain age hanging up a license and grabbing referrals and whatever leads they can get on floor time. I'm sure these type of "Realtors" are lovely people, but the part timers are taking the oxygen and stifling innovation in of the real estate business.

Don't you think that agents who are out there professionally promoting the occupation and their broker's brand, are more deserving of some "free" business than the part timers who go to sales meetings and Christmas parties so they can feel like they belong?

Maybe it's time for you to promote your full time status to potential clients, and separate yourself from the part timer dregs. Are you doing this already? I'd love to hear your sucess stories.

Get to work.

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