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You as a new agent, or an experienced agent who is looking for ways to increase business, are ripe for 3rd party real estate vendors to pick your pocket.

Buy a website, buy a camera, buy a lead system, buy a CRM system, it goes on and on.

You don't need to spend a dime on things like this. Here's one example of what I am doing right now.

My Facebook business page analytics are showing that my page views for the past week are up 504%, and post reach is up 34%. Translate this to old school farming and postcard mailings: how much would you spend in a week to get 150-200 people view your marketing?

That's about $100 out of your pocket, for just one week. Like any good marketing, you have to be consistent about getting the word out. Over the course of a month it quickly adds up to a good sized car payment.

Reach many more prospective customers without spending money

There are so many subjects to talk about using your Facebook business page. Start thinking about what your clients are asking you, and create posts around that. Voila! Now do this daily, sprinkle in photos of your local market, and you're off.

Get to work.

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