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Stop Doing Busy Work | Real Estate Consulting |

Most Realtors are taught to do busy work that produces no results.

Example: An agent called me this morning "I met your clients at my open house yesterday and they liked it. So I'm just following up".

Fantastic. Do you think they were going to tell you they hated your listing? No. Did they tell you they were going to have me work with them to write a contract?. Nope. When I get these types of calls I can tell what kind of Realtor is on the other end of the call.

This type of busy work does nothing to sell your client's listing, or increase your ability to earn money. All it does is eat up ther time you could use to otherwise be productive. The only thing you really have as a Realtor is time.

Use yours judiciously to increase your exposure to potential clients, rather than wasting it on clients who won't write offers on your open house.

Get to work.

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