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Show Customers How You Market Yourself

I've been saying it for years. Zillow is lazy agent marketing.

And most big brokers give their agents lazy real estate marketing tools.

When you're in a listing presentation, what are you going to provide as an example of what you do, to go above and beyond the stale syndication to 900 websites and canned newspaper and magazine ads?

What if you could show a condo owner that you've been profiling their building with a unique page on your website? What if you could also show that you've got a video of their building on your YouTube channel? What if you could tell that condo owner they can have an exclusive link from 2 of the top 3 positions on Google, to their individual property on your website, instead of being a dot on a Zillow map?

What other agents in your market can do that?

Oops, I've just given up the big nugget in my listing presentation.

Let's take this a step further. Show a client how you're marketing yourself, against the biggest brokerages in your local market.

I'm the 2nd organic listing below all the paid ads and one of the largest brokerages in my local area.

No, you can't buy a "checklist" or a quick fix to make this happen. You have to get off the couch, get out into your market, and start producing content. It's not hard.

It's just work.

Get to work.

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