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Content is King

Updated: Oct 16, 2018

I built a website (and I'm on my 4th with to attract customers to me, based on what they're searching for.

The content you include in your website is key to people finding you. It has to be original, easy to read, and completely relevant to where you're using it.

What are your customers searching for? Neighborhoods? Then you should have a neighborhood landing page on your website. How many neighborhoods do you want to serve? On one of my sites I have over 80, just for single family homes.

content marketing for real estate
Content marketing for real estate

What kind of content will a potential client want to see about a neighborhood? You'll no doubt want to start with pictures of a community pool and clubhouse, and pictures showing what some of the homes look like. Content also includes your original description of the neighborhood, such as number of total homes, rising or falling value, an IDX feed with a list of homes for sale, a demographic report, and a custom map showing how far it is to major local attractions and schools.

Here's a hint: Potential clients who are looking specifically for a neighborhood are much better clients than someone looking for "miami real estate".

Need some inspiration? Head to one of my websites for a look: or

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