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Real Estate Consulting is Stuck in the Past

This morning I got my daily email "insider" news report from my broker, and one of the so-called big names in real estate coaching is recommending old-school activities for "dollar-producing activities".

These types of coaches and mentors are still talking about creating scripts and setting appointments. On top of this, there's little talk of prospecting for new clients other than calling past clients or the tired cliche, your "circle of influence".

In this day of virtual showings, social media, and content marketing, you should be focused on making sure you are highly visible to people searching for you and your services. You absolutely should be prospecting for clients all the time by letting them know about you, your experience, and your local market.

Florida agents: Has a client asked you about an extended lanai? How much do they cost? Should they get one? Answer your client's questions and you are performing a valuable service.

Answer your client's questions and provide a valuable service
Answer your client's questions and provide a valuable service

Remember, this isn't Mad Men of the 1950's, and using Zoom meetings doesn't make you a "high tech Realtor".

Get to work.

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