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Promises of High Tech | Real Estate Agent Coaching | David Barr Realtor

Most brokers are using the promise of technology for their agents to gain new clients. Take those claims with a grain of salt.

One of the "technology" platforms out there is ACE from RisMedia. ACE is an automated blogging platform, which can be branded to an individual agent. I recently saw an ACE post that said the best sources on where to live in a new city are your friends or co-workers. Do any of you reading this think a real estate agent might be a good source? Unreal.

Broker provided content platforms or software probably won't work
Broker provided content platforms or software probably won't work

The problem with ACE and other real estate customer acquisition software, such as agent websites, is that they are unlikely to rank in an online search. Why?

Sites like ACE, which has thousands of agents automatically posting the same content, don't work well with SEO principles. The two most important words to remember in Searh Engine Optimization are "unique" and "relevant".

If your content is unique and relevant to the search terms used, you have a much better chance to rank on the first page of Google search results. Look for platforms that are free for you to use (detailed on an eariler blog post), and get started posting your unique, relevant content.

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