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Partnering With the Right Broker

Updated: Aug 1, 2019


Forget about all the tech stuff brokers like Re/Max, Keller Williams, and Century 21 are advertising to agents right now. You need a Broker that can provide personal and business growth tools. f your business is stuck on neutral, or even worse, sliding backwards, it may be time to reconsider the Broker you're licensed with.

Before I forget, this should be your #1 rule when deciding on changing brokerages: Do not ever, I repeat, ever, work for a managing Broker that is actively selling.

Today's inspiration for this post is from LinkedIn. Fox and Roach, the biggest broker in the Philadelphia area, is a BHHS affiliate. They posted something today about their Leadership Academy. It covers topics like vision and culture, coaching, agent retention, communication, and personality styles. If I could, I would partner with a company like Fox and Roach for this type of program.

You have to get away from talking about listing presentations, knowing what the absorption rates are in your market, and doing floor time. In other words, you have to get away from the brokers that shove their corporate product in your face and say "get out there".

Get to work.

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