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Online marketing terms

If you're getting into online marketing, you'll probably feel like you're learning another language.

Online marketing terms
Online marketing terms

Here is a short list of online marketing acronyms and terms to help you translate articles you may read here on this blog or from other sources.

CTR: Click through rate: The percentage of times your online advertisement or website is clicked, out of total views.

CPC: Cost per click: How much each click costs you in online marketing, most commonly used with Google Adwords.

Impressions: The number of times your ad, website, or keyword was viewable in a search result.

Bounce Rate: The percentage of visitors to your website who "bounced" off your site after visiting only one page.  Most commonly used as a gauge of the effectiveness of the design and content of your site.  Bounce rate benchmark is around 40%.

Sessions:  The number of times your website was accessed.

Users:  The number of times an individual user accessed your site.  Higher sessions than users means you are getting desirable repeat visitors to your site, and those users are more likely to become leads or customers.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization: Big subject here, but in a nutshell, SEO is making sure your website content is providing what potential customers are looking for, and that content is correctly displayed for search engines to find it.  SEO does NOT mean paying someone hundreds of dollars a month!

Analytics: Statistics provided by the major search engines (for free), which help you gauge how effective your website is and how it performs.  Google Analytics is the best known.

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