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Non-Broker Friendly | David Barr Realtor |

I haven't been promoting directly. I don't expect a franchise or big independent brokerage to contact me about speaking to them, because my approach to individual agent success is not broker friendly.

The one thing you'll get from your brokerage, that will have any real value, is local name recognition. Other than that, you'll get the same promises from every broker: free leads, lots of referrals, lots of technology tools, and joining a top team. They'll also want you to use their title company, mortgage lender, and home warranty company, all which contribute to the broker's bottom line. is not broker friendly

My approach is based on my own experience, which relies on taking advantage of a wide range of free tools, programs, and platforms available to you without spending one cent.

Instead of making your broker happy, you should be selecting your team members (see a previous post about teams) that you work with well, and will give your customers excellent service. Just because a title company is part of your broker's suite of related companies, doesn't mean they are the best.

Get to work.

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