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No Time to Waste

Are you just getting started as an agent? Is your business slow to non-existent?

The sad fact is that over 80% of newly licensed Realtors quit the business after the first year. From my own experience, the pressure to quit real estate and get back into a job with a regular paycheck is enormous.

Work smarter to start generating immediate income
Work smarter to start generating immediate income

Much of what your broker and real estate course instructor told you, won't help you start generating income quickly.

Most people buy a home once every 10-12 years. Are the home owners in the often-referred to "circle of influence" at the end of the cycle of living in their current home?

Can you rely on them to bring up your name as a referral when their friends and family are in the market?

The best thing you can do is rely on your own efforts to reach home buyers and home sellers when they're ready, and that's with a website (at minimum) and a blog that is available on your potential client's timeline.

Start attracting clients with a free Wix website. Get to work.

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