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My 2019 To-Do List

I'm always thinking about how to stay ahead of the competition. Do you do that, as a real estate agent? You are a bonafide business, and to stay in business, you should be thinking about making your business better by making your customer experiences better.

The past few years I've learned a lot about online marketing and using tools, such as drones, websites, and social media.

In 2019, I've got an ambitious to-do list that includes:

- Creating my own IDX feed;

- Developing Alexa skills, since voice search is increasing exponentially;

- Investing in a 4K video editor, since 5G will increase mobile speed by up to 100x versus 4G;

- Incorporating 3-D imaging.

I'm a 55 year old guy who knows I'll be competing with a new generation of agents who were given a tablet in the crib. You better believe this is lighting a fire under my butt to stay ahead of the pack.

Where are you in your business building process? If you don't have the basics such as an email signature that promotes your brand, you've got a lot to do.

Get to work!

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