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More BS About the Team Concept

I'm reading my daily e-newsletter from my real estate company, and there's more about teams.

Are you noticing a lot of focus on team building from the "gurus" in real estate? I sure am.

Today's wisdom comes from Sherri Johnson, one of those "gurus" who echoes all the rest of them, with "7 Essential Behaviors of a Mega Team".

Do you think your potential customers are hiring a mega team, or are they hiring YOU?

Here's another question: If, as Ms. Johnson says, you need to put in so much time and energy into hiring, running, branding, and building the team, when do you have time left to actually do what you do, which is sell homes?

Her first "essential behavior" is to operate like a company. You should be operating like a company in your individual business, anyway. Another "essential behavior" is to hire outstanding support staff. Doesn't your broker have that in place for you as one of the reasons you joined them? Another "essential behavior" is consistent team branding. You should have that as part of your own individual agent branding and marketing.

I want you to forget what these "gurus" are pushing. You didn't get into the real estate business to run a team. You got into the business to work on your time and be your own boss.

Get to work.

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