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Is There a Shift?

Is there a shift occurring in real estate, from websites to videos?

Let me begin by saying that every market is local. Even in the area I cover, there's major differences in issues that affect buying behavior. Venice, FL real estate has been affected by a shortage of summer time visitors, who were deterred because of red tide and a downtown beautification project. The beaches of Sarasota are no different. Lakewood Ranch, on the other hand, is seeing booming sales of new construction.

Based on market conditions and a deep dive into analytics, I can see what's happening in my local market. Some of my website traffic is down, which I can rationalize, but my video views are up 40% over the past month.

Is there a shift from real estate websites, to videos? There's no one answer.

What are you seeing in your local market? Is your website performing better than last year? If not, do you have a video strategy in place to continue to attract interested warm leads?

Get to work.

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