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Do you sit in sales meetings and wonder "How did that agent get so successful?". Does the volume of social media marketing from other agents overwhelm you?

Intimidation is one of the biggest roadblocks you may face in building your real estate business.

You've got to start somewhere. Everyone started at zero.

Agentbrandbuilder is built on my experiences and successes. I have over 400 videos on my YouTube Channel, and most agents can't imagine having close to that many. "Wow, that's a lot of work", they tell me.

Yes, it is. But I love it. And it didn't happen overnight.

I think that's the key. You need a goal, a plan, and a love for what you do. I didn't have that love of my business until I started my plan of showcasing my service area in ways my competitors don't, using video and social media. I started at zero, 3 years ago.

My mantra ever since has been "flood the zone". I chronicle everything I see related to my business, so I can be the eyes and ears for potential buyers, and attract home sellers who like my marketing.

You can do it. Everyone starts somewhere, usually at zero, just like I did.

Get to work.

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