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I know why you haven't developed your real estate website.

You're afraid you don't know enough. I was first licensed in 1997, and I put out my first website in 1998. I had no idea what a home page was or why it was called "index", much less being a real estate "expert".

When you're working with clients in person, they are going to be asking you a lot of questions you may not have all the answers for. It's OK to say you don't know something, and that you'll get back to them after some research.

Same thing with your website. Start by providing information on topics your clients ask about. Some ideas: 1031 exchanges, closing costs, the home buying process, real estate statistics, pet friendly condos, and my favorite, new construction homes and neighborhoods.

Lesson: You have to start somewhere. I've had a dedicated strategy to have as big an online footprint as possible, so people can find you. The reason I started is to show you what I've done to increase my business. Attracting clients with a great website and lots of hyperlocal content works, period.

Surprise yourself, scare your competition, and delight your potential clients with your knowledge of real estate and your local market.

Get to work.

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