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I Get You: Real Estate is Hard

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

And no show on HGTV can give you the blueprint to making 6 figures.

So here's a follow up to my last post. It wasn't that long ago that the prospect of meeting a stranger and hoping they would write a contract so I could pay rent and expenses inspired a panic attack.


#realestate is not easy. The cure for panic attacks is knowing the market you are selling. Build your confidence by getting out into the area you are marketing. Get off the couch and get to work. I'm not a "people person" or a "natural salesperson".

I am arguably one of the most well versed #realtors on my local market neighborhoods and condos, and I have the website landing pages and YouTube video library to back it up. It didn't happen overnight.

Forget sphere of influence. Forget "farm area" mailings. Embrace attracting customers who want the knowledge you have that Zillow doesn't have. Get to work.

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