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How Small is Too Small

I'm like many Realtors who gets to a certain point in their business, where some leads might look too inconsequential to bother with.

I have a high visibility website in one of my market areas, and I get a lot of inquiries about rental properties. I don't handle rentals, as a rule. However, I'm taking another look at these kinds of leads.

Re-evaluate what kinds of leads you'll work on

In my market, a seasonal rental inquiry just might turn into a buyer lead. Many "snow birds" come to Florida and rent seasonally, frequently to spend time in an area before buying. Chances are, I'm not the first Realtor they contacted, but I may be the only Realtor that responds to them.

Get off your high horse. In an uncertain market like many of us find ourselves in, don't underestimate any potential source of income.

Would you rather door-knock, or provide a service to a grateful lead that may become a client?

Get to work.

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