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How are your website leads doing?

Are you one of the many Realtors who paid for leads for years, but are seeing them dribble to a stop from Zillow or Zurple or BoomTown or Real Estate Webmasters or get the idea.

I guarantee you that few if any of the employees of those companies ever sold home for a living, much less understands what the behavior of buyers and sellers is today.

Have you decided you needed to develop your own website, but still don't see any leads yet?

First of all, potential clients are very squeamish about signing up for anything.

Second of all, have you given them the information they were looking for on your landing page, before you asked them to sign up for more?

Folks, everything is changing. Are you on Facebook live? Are you doing YouTube live sessions? Are you using Instagram, Linkedin, and what about your Facebook business page?

I just set a record of 10,000 views in 28 days for my YouTube channel. My very first Facebook Live reached over 3300 people this week.

Get to work.

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