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Getting it Backwards

I've mentioned in a previous blog post that most Brokers still live in a pre-Zillow mindset when it comes to real estate agent marketing and online marketing.

If you're a new agent, your interview with a Broker will revolve around their great systems for getting you leads and tools they provide to help you "sell" houses. That's a bunch of crap.

Brokers are getting it backwards. The reality of today is their future success, and yours, relies on you being able to market yourself and generate leads. Look at it this way: If every other agent in your office has the same tool box of marketing toys to play with, what makes you any different from them?

The reputation of your broker or franchise company is important, but you could have a powerful tool to win in listing presentations. You could point to your individual marketing plan that takes the online exposure of a potential listing far above practically ever other broker's stale, dated marketing plan.

Make your unrelenting marketing efforts a point of differentiation in your listing presentation by showing your understanding of online marketing.

Get to work!

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