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Force Multiplier

I've said this for years: your real estate website is a sales force multiplier for your business.

Your information-packed website will be a magnet for potential clients who are looking online for what you are providing. I've seen studies showing we spend 11 hours per day looking at some kind of screen. You have to be visible where your potential clients are spending their time.

Can you talk to 4 potential clients simultaneously? Here's a screen shot of one of my website's performance.

Google analytics and real estate
Google analytics and real estate

Google Analytics is an extremely valuable, and even better, free tool for helping you see what's happening with your real estate website. It's given me ideas for providing website content I wouldn't have thought of otherwise.

I use Wix as the builder for my three real estate websites, as well as Visit the video section for tips on using Wix. It will help you grow your business.

Get to work.

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