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Fake Real Estate

We all know Zillow and HGTV are fake real estate, but there's something else going on that's annoying, and doesn't help anyone.

Lister accompanied showings are irritating to the buyer's agent, because you have a schedule to maintain with your client. They're also a negative for the buyer, who doesn't want to be in a room with two agents at once. I can't blame them.

There's more fake real estate in the form of listing agents asking for buyer feedback after a showing. "They didn't like the floor plan" isn't going to help a listing agent sell their home. Feedback is for frightened listing agents, who don't want to tell the home owner the truth about the condition of the home, and who probably doesn't know competing properties. Feedback is the buyer's agent doing the work the listing agent is supposed to do.

This past weekend I encountered two listing agents who were "tracking me down" (their words) to get feedback, since it was the "ethical" thing to do (their words again). Where in the COE does it say buyer's agents are supposed to do the work of the listing agent?

Stupidity abounds. Capitalize on it, and get to work.

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