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Don't Blank Yourself

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

I got this on a blank postcard today:

Dear David,

Eighty-eight percent of real estate agents are blanking themselves. You may as well be handing out blank postcards.


It's different, I'll give them that. Click the link, and you'll see this:

HomeSnap is actually willing to charge the uninformed Realtor up to $599 per year to manage your absolutely FREE Google business listing.

I have a video on how to create your free Google business listing for free, as well as getting a free website for your business. You post images and video just like you would for any other social media platform. Video has a limit of 100mb size, just like Instagram.

The real estate business is full of these types of companies attempting to get their hands in your pocket. Save your money, watch my videos, and get to work.

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