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Business Cards: Picture or No Picture?

Whether you're a new agent or have been in business for a while, the age-old debate over having your photo on your business card lingers on.

It's like Apple vs. Android: some people love the idea, some hate it.  Count me as one of those that don't like the idea.

Every business wants name recognition.  Think of Apple as an example.  Steve Jobs never advertised with a photo of himself.  You know the Apple logo and what it stands for.  Same with Microsoft, Huffington Post, ABC TV network, etc.

My real estate logo
My real estate logo

I prefer to use my logo across everything I put out: business cards, social media images, websites (of course), and even on shirts and hats (coming soon BTW).

I have two true stories to share with you about using your logo instead of a photo. Not too long ago I was in a breakfast meeting with a bunch of agents from other companies. We shared our business cards around the table. The woman sitting next to me said "So you're davidbarrhomes. Your name is all over the internet when I search for real estate".

In another instance, a buyer, working with another agent in my office, saw my business card at the front desk with all the other agent's cards. They said to our office admin "We didn't realize davidbarrhomes worked here" (they apparently already had a relationship with the other agent in my office).

The goal with all your marketing, including something as simple as your business card, is to have a simple yet memorable logo.

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