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Automated Social Media

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

This morning I'm scrolling through my Facebook feed, and I see two posts from Realtors in my office.

One post is about putting your phone away if you're standing in line. The other is about saving money at the movies.

These posts come from an automated social media tool. What do these posts have to do with real estate?

If you're a Realtor, promote real estate related posts on social media
Are you a Realtor, or a lifestyle coach?

The one thing you should always remember about anything involving online exposure is that your content should be highly relevant and original. Anything that doesn't come from you, and relate directly to you to showcase your experience and knowledge, is a flat out waste of time.

So, don't pay for automated social media posts that don't promote you directly, or your brand. Get started with answers to common questions from buyers and sellers, as topics for your social media posts and blogs.

Get to work!

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