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Are You A Free Range Chicken?

A new prospective customer contacted me through one of my websites last night about 10pm. They are familiar with my area, and had talked to another agent they met at the local farmer's market, but didn't commit to them.

The first thing that came to mind is that we, like many Florida markets, have an overabundance of agents running around in the wild, trying to get their name out and talk to as many people as possible. It reminds me of free range chickens.

If your broker is telling you to volunteer to meet people and spread your name, like taking a booth at a farmer's market, that's the wrong advice. You have to focus and put your name and share your knowledge where people can find it, WHEN they want to find it.

This means a website and blog, supported by social media posts about your local market and what you know about it. Yes, it's work. Do you think millionaires sit in an office hoping clients magically walk through the door?

Don't be the agent someone meets at a farmer's market, who gets passed over. Your next customer is looking for local information online, and you should be the Realtor to provide it there.

Get to work.

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